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One of the things that make life beautiful is sharing good food with your loved ones. Because, good food is not just good food, it is friendship, relaxation, happiness and culture.

Jami products have been carefully prepared in Bosnia and Herzegovina using only the best ingredients and recipes. Our vegetables were harvested in season and flash frozen to retain their taste and vital nutrients. Our burek, as well as our dough and phyllo pastry, are known throughout the Balkans, always traditionally tasty and fresh. Our range of fish lets you enjoy seafood dishes in the comfort of your own home, in a matter of minutes.

The many years we have been with you and our commitment to maintain the quality of our products have earned us a good reputation. A good reputation is like good food, it’s not just good advertising, it also makes for lasting trust and friendship.

On your website, you can find details about Jami products you already know and love, as well as discovering new products in our range. For us, the diversity of the Jami range is not a matter of choice, but our duty, because it provides our customers with varied nutrition as a foundation for healthy living.

Jami, the taste of home!

 Jami - ukus koji mami